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Government portal down, 27 others defaced..

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — Operation Malaysia launched by the international hacker group known as Anonymous has succeeded in not just bringing down the official website of the Malaysian government, but also spawned attacks on at least 27 other websites. These include at least five other government sites such as the webpages of the information ministry, the fire and emergency services department and the land public transport commission. The Malaysian government portal was inaccessible and unresponsive at 9am, June 16, 2011.As of 8.30am, remained inaccessible, while other hackers appear to have taken it upon themselves to target sites like Sabah’s tourism website ( and the Tour Malaysia travel guide ( On the Sabah Tourism webpage, hackers claimed to have extracted the details of more than 3,400 of the site’s users and posted the particulars of 392 accounts. However, Sabah Tourism has regained control of the site but has since taken it offline. Tour Malaysia remains defaced by a group called Dragon Force. Visitors to the site were greeted by a heavy metal song title “Through The Fire And The Flames” and messages criticising the government’s move to block certain websites. Anonymous had warned earlier this week of an attack on the official website of the Malaysian government in an act of protest against Internet censorship. According to a statement posted on the Pastebin website, the group named the recent move move to block file sharing sites like Pirate Bay and whistleblowers WikiLeaks as “inexcusable” acts of censorship which took away “basic human rights.”
“For rules were meant to be broken. And corruption was meant to be washed away and forgiven. Now we will wash your corruption away so be prepared,” the group said.
The Sabah Tourism site was taken offline by its administrators.The so-called “hacktivists” earlier announced that the attack targeting —known as “Operation Malaysia” — would take place today at 3.30am local time.
Anonymous has taken credit for other attacks such as in December 2010 in response to pressure against WikiLeaks to stop the controversial website from publishing classified United States diplomatic cables. In retaliation, it brought down MasterCard and Visa’s websites and staged attacks on other online commerce sites perceived to be anti-WikiLeaks such as Amazon and PayPal. The planned attack comes despite this week’s arrest of 32 suspects in Turkey after the group also cited censorship for attacks on government sites there.
David Beckham posts new tattoo on Facebook...

DAVID Beckham has revealed his brand new chest tattoo - symbolising himself as
Jesus. The intricate design shows the Son of God being carried by three tiny cherubs. And Becks says it represents how his lads - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz - will
support him one day. He said: "Obviously the cherubs are boys so my thought behind it is that at some point my boys are going to need to look after me and that's what
they're doing in the picture. Everything has a meaning." England legend Becks, 35, revealed the design to the world via his official Facebook page. Legendary US inker Mark Mahoney carried out the work, which took TWELVE hours to complete in two sittings. "Some people love tattoos, some people don't. It's just something that I
have always found can kind of express how I'm feeling, or the thoughts that
I have or memories. "There's not one tattoo that I've got on me that doesn't mean something." Becks now has at least 19 tattoos across his body, including extensive works on his arms, chest and back.
Story: WTC coincidence..

September 11, 2001

World Trade Centre

A guy with an office on 103rd floor of the World Trade Centre spent the morning at his girlfriend's apartment with his phone turned off. He wasn't watching TV either.
When he turned the phone back on about 11am, it rang immediately. It was his hysterical wife, "Are you OK? Where are you?" He said, "What do you mean? I'm in my office of course." His marriage ended. He lost his job. He is single again.

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Oldest conjoined twins..

DAYTON (Ohio) - TWO US men who've been certified as the world's oldest living male conjoined twins are moving in with their little brother. A charity in Machias, New York, called the Christian Youth Corps Inc says it's helping 58-year-old Donnie and Ronnie Galyon by modifying the home of their brother, Jim Galyon, in the spring. The twins live in a tiny home in Dayton, Ohio. Their brother lives in nearby Beavercreek.
Donnie and Ronnie are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. They're joined at the torso. They have four arms and four legs and separate hearts and stomachs. They share a lower intestine. The twins retired from a touring carnival. They are in declining health and could face going into an institution. But their brother says he wants to keep them at home so they're free and independent.
Avatar In Real Life
Actually, she’s just one of the models at a fashion show over here.

But this one cheat one. I check already.

Her hair don’t have the USB port thing one..

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THIS bloke won't lose his glasses again - they're TATTOOED on

The man, known only as Matthew, has become an internet sensation after the tattooing process was posted on YouTube. Nearly 500,000 people have watched it in a week. After the tattooist finishes Matthew, from California, US, says: "Awesome!" Sunglass maker Ray-Ban denied it was an advertising stunt for them.
Where are the Police..??

Attacks on churches are now extended to schools and guard posts and more states. Where are the police? No matter what IGP Musa Hassan says, it is all bullshit if his force can’t find the culprits and charge them. After telling us they are not enough to protect our safety, they are really taking their time to catch the perpetrators of this recent crimes against Malaysians, against Islam itself. The police used to boast of having one of the best special branch officers in the region, hey where are they? It seems they can’t find those religious criminals although the minutes are ticking away like crazy. How many more churches, schools must be damaged before the perpetrators are punished? Must we wait until somebody’s life is at stake before it happens? Strange that ministers can lament about this religious crisis as if they have nothing to do with it. I saw Najib Razak on TV last night already making fiery political election like speech that UMNO is the only party that can rule the country.
The Education and Tourism ministers are crying foul that crime rates and the latest incidents of church bombings will effect the numbers of foreign students and tourism. What do you expect? This is no longer Malaysia truly Asia. It’s Malaysia truly bullshit! Najib stop making political speeches and stop telling us UMNO is not involved. Politics is about perception and I am afraid the perception against UMNO now is oh…in such a sorry state. Say instead that if you ever found any UMNO member involved, he or she will be taken to task and punished appropriately. Don’t skirt around the issue and don’t dilly dally. As more churches and public places are being bomb, where are the police? Oh, I forgot, they couldn’t even figure out where Raja Petra is, and he isn’t even a terrorist. The situation is much worst now. Where are the police?!

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Bigotry in the name of Allah..

The Allah issue has now literally become a burning issue. We are appalled that extreme elements have resorted to fire bombs to target three churches in the Klang Valley. These are reprehensible and cowardly acts that deserve to be roundly condemned. Malaysians are disturbed and disillusioned by the lack of a firm stand by the national leadership in putting a stop to the heat and tension that is being deliberately generated by the bigots and zealots in our midst. Both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister had reportedly ''backed the right to protest within mosque grounds”(Malaysian Insider). The PM was quoted in the NST as saying, “As far as possible, we do not want people to protest, but we cannot stop them from doing so if they gather at mosques and if confined to a certain area.” This may have been taken by some as a tacit go-ahead signal. Knowing how volatile the Allah issue had become, it was the height of irresponsibility to take such a stand. This stand did not pay any attention to national security, our peace and harmony – favourite catch phrases - which are commonly used to justify detentions of those demonstrating against the government or their policies. In the name of national security, our peace and harmony, water cannons had been used in the past to disperse crowds, make arrests and brutally beat up demonstrating Malaysians gathered in or near mosques and temples. But in this instance, no harsh instructions or stern warnings were given to discourage certain people from turning this political issue into an explosive one.
The talk around town suggests that certain quarters were desperate to win back lost Malay support and were therefore fanning this issue for selfish reasons. We call upon the PM and the Home Minister to take a public stand and condemn acts and deeds that are not in keeping with the principles of Rukun Negara. In this most volatile period, it must be the national interest that should be paramount and must prevail. Malaysians too must stand up for tolerance and respect for our differences as well as for the rule of law. We must isolate these un-Malaysian bigots, who are a small minority.
Champions League draw - Fri 18th...

AC Milan v Manchester United FC
Olympique Lyonnais v Real Madrid CF
FC Bayern München v ACF Fiorentina
FC Porto v Arsenal FC
Olympiacos FC v FC Girondins de Bordeaux
VfB Stuttgart v FC Barcelona
FC Internazionale Milano v Chelsea FC
PFC CSKA Moskva v Sevilla FC
Friendster, one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, is now owned by a Malaysian company.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – December 10, 2009 – MOL Global Pte. Ltd. (“MOL Global”), an affiliate of leading online payment solutions provider MOL AccessPortal Berhad (“MOL”), and Friendster, Inc. (“Friendster”), the operator of a top global web site based on traffic and a leading social network in Asia, announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which MOL Global will acquire 100% of Friendster. The principal shareholder of MOL is Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the Chairman and CEO of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, a leading, diversified Malaysian conglomerate that has annual revenues in excess of US$1.8 billion. Following the acquisition, the operations of MOL and Friendster will be combined to create Asia’s largest end-to-end content, distribution and commerce network, pairing MOL’s offline retail channel partners and payment platform with Friendster’s large online footprint, social network and user community in Asia. “The merger with Friendster will continue to transform the social networking industry, combining a highly intuitive and successful social media site and online marketing channel with an integrated payment platform and content network which includes games, goods, gifts, music and video. We are creating a unique company that will be well positioned to provide content to a huge, regional user base, here in Southeast Asia,” said Ganesh Kumar Bangah, president and chief executive officer of MOL. MOL uses the leverage of a network of over 500,000 physical and virtual payment channels across 75 countries worldwide to collect payments for content and services. Its core markets are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India. MOL has relationships with over 70 online game publishers that have a suite of over 200 online game titles. It also has partnerships with music, movie and video content owners and distributors across the region. “Friendster and MOL are both industry pioneers and are close partners. This combination is a natural progression of our relationship and will be an industry-changing event,” said Richard Kimber, chief executive officer at Friendster. “The new combined entity gives Friendster the kind of financial backing, retail distribution, and e-commerce infrastructure that will enable us to accelerate our strategy and create a locally relevant, fun experience for our users in Asia, both on and offline.”
In 2003, Friendster pioneered social networking, and today is a leading web site in Asia, with over 75 million registered users and over 90 percent of daily traffic coming from the region. Asian youths have embraced Friendster and use it as their primary means of connecting to and keeping in touch with friends, self-expression, sharing content and news with friends, and as a source of entertainment. Friendster users also enjoy local music, gifting, photo sharing, online games, and using Friendster on their mobile devices. All of these are incorporated in Friendster’s product suite and will be further developed over time with MOL, specifically with Asian youths in mind. Friendster and MOL entered a global partnership in October of this year where MOL was appointed to provide an integrated payments platform, as a foundation for The Friendster Wallet and The Friendster Gift Shop, for Friendster’s users. The new combined entity will now build upon that initial set of products to deliver a content distribution network and e-commerce platform, enabling a wide array of content to be distributed to Friendster’s community and monetize via micro-transactions using MOL’s payment platform. MOL will use the leverage of its physical distribution networks to localize and extend the online reach of social networking in Southeast Asia to the physical world through Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s substantial assets across Malaysia and the region, including retail franchises in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia such as Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Borders, Krispy Kreme, Wendy’s and Papa John’s Pizza, just to name a few. Friendster recently launched a new brand and web site packed with new features representing a significant milestone in the company’s history and further signifying the company’s evolution to focus on the Asian youth market. The notable changes include a new fun-centric brand, and a redesigned web site with a focus on local relevance, fun and simplicity. The combined entity will maintain offices in various locations, around the world, including Mountain View, CA (USA), the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Ganesh Kumar Bangah will become the Group Chief Executive Officer of the combined entity while Richard Kimber will become the Non- Executive Chairman.

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Things you wish you have...

Yoga & Alcoholic Drinks Conundrum..
Research confirms that drinking alcohol gives you the same benefits yoga does !!!

This position, for ankles and back muscles.

Ananda Balasana
This position is great for massaging the hip area.

Great exercise to stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms.

Excellent for the shoulder area, thorax, legs, and arms.

Excellent for back pain and insomnia.

Position stimulates the midrift area and the spinal commune.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
This position calms the brain and heals tired legs.

Position that brings the sensation of peace and calm.

Position of total relaxation.

Yoga or drink? Any will do!


Messi crowned top Euro star...

LIONEL MESSI has been crowned European Footballer of the Year — by the biggest margin EVER! The Barcelona star was pipped to the Ballon d'Or by Cristiano Ronaldo last season. But after Champions League glory as well as a Spanish league and cup Double, he was the runaway winner this year. Messi polled 473 votes — more than twice as many as Real Madrid's Ronaldo, who had 233. Argentina ace Messi said: "There's lots of emotion - the Ballon d'Or is very important for me. "I know I appeared among the favourites because Barcelona had a profitable year. "For me it's a big honour to win - but also to become the first Argentinian in history to receive the trophy. "I dedicate it to my family, they were always present when I needed them and sometimes felt even stronger emotions than me." Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney and Chelsea forward Didier Drogba were eighth and ninth. Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard completed the top 10.
Youngest Surgeon from India...

A year ago a footage emerged from a remote village in India. The video showed a young girl receiving surgery to separate her fingers, which were badly burned and fused together. Why did this operation make headlines around the world? The surgery was performed by a 7-year-old boy named Akrit Jaswal. Now 13 years old, Akrit has an IQ of 146 and is considered the smartest person his age in India a country of more than a billion people. Before Akrit could even speak, his parents say they knew he was special. 'He learned very fast,'says Raksha, Akrit's mother. 'After learning the alphabet, we started to teach him joining of words, and he started writing as well. He was two.' At an age when most children are learning their ABCs, Akrit was reading Shakespeare and assembling a library of medical textbooks. When he was 5 years old, he enrolled in school. One year later, Akrit was teaching English and math classes.
Akrit developed a passion for science and anatomy at an early age. Doctors at local hospitals took notice and started allowing him to observe surgeries when he was 6 years old. Inspired by what he saw, Akrit read everything he could on the topic. When an impoverished family heard about his amazing abilities, they asked if he would operate on their daughter for free. Her surgery was a success. After the surgery, Akrit was hailed as a medical genius in India . Neighbors and strangers flocked to him for advice and treatment. At age 11, Akrit was admitted to Punjab University . He's the youngest student ever to attend an Indian university. That same year, he was also invited to London 's famed Imperial College to exchange ideas with scientists on the cutting edge of medical research. Akrit says he has millions of medical ideas, but he's currently focused on developing a cure for cancer. 'I've developed a concept called oral gene therapy on the basis of my research and my theories,' he says. 'I'm quite dedicated towards working on this mechanism.' Growing up, Akrit says he used to see cancer patients lying on the side of the road because they couldn't afford treatment or hospitals had no space for them.. Now, he wants to use his intellect to ease their suffering. '[I've been] going to hospitals since the age of 6, so I have seen firsthand people suffering from pain,' he says. 'I get very sad, and so that's the main motive of my passion about medicine, my passion about cancer.' Currently, Akrit is working toward a bachelor's degrees in zoology, botany and chemistry. Someday, he hopes to continue his studies at Harvard University .

Spider Girls...

CONJOINED twins Ganga and Jamuna Mondal support their family with a bizarre circus act - billed as The Spider Sisters. The 39-year-old pair, who have two heads, three legs and four arms, are among the rarest types of twins in the world. And curious spectators flock to see them crawl insect-like across the stage in their native India for five hours a night - in return for just £26 in wages. The cash is enough to feed their extended family of 22 for a fortnight. Jamuna says: "People are drawn to us. They think we are strange. When the twins were born in West Bengal, two shocked midwives fainted. Doctors found the girls were joined at the pelvis, but each has a normal upper body and one functioning leg. Their other two legs are fused into a single limb with nine toes.Ganga says: "We don't go out much as we get nervous."
Another of the sisters' fears is being separated - after doctors warned it could be fatal. But US conjoined twins expert Dr James Stein said they COULD survive after testing them in TV documentary Human Spider Sisters - on Discovery at 9pm tomorrow.
Yet the sisters opted to stay together. Cuddling her sister, Ganga says: "The way God made us is the way we will live."
Top 200 world universities - 2009

Harvard's No 1, NUS 30th. The country's top university, UM, is back in the world's Top 200 varsities at no 180. That's 50 places better than it was last year!
I say, fantastic.

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Malaysia 66th most attractive country globally, third best in Asean...

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 — Malaysia is the third most desirable country to live in the Asean region behind Singapore and Brunei. Overall, it was ranked 66th globally out of 182 countries, according to UN data released this week. Data collected in 2007 before the global economic crisis ranked Singapore as the 23rd and Brunei the 30th most desirable country to live in. Both countries were listed as having “very high human development” together countries like Sweden, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Norway retained its status as the world’s most desirable country to live in, according to the UN data, which ranks sub-Saharan African states afflicted by war and HIV/AIDS as the least attractive places. Data collected prior to the global economic crisis showed people in Norway, Australia and Iceland had the best living standards, while Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone scored worst in terms of human development. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) index was compiled using 2007 data on GDP per capita, education, and life expectancy, and showed marked differences between the developed and developing world.
Malaysia was ranked in the category of countries with “high human development” together with countries such as Romania, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Hungary, Bahrain, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. In comparison, Thailand was ranked 87th while Indonesia came in at 111th, and were only classified as having “medium human development.” According to the country report for Malaysia, life expectancy at birth in Malaysia 74.1 years, compared with 82.7 years in Japan. Malaysia has a 91.2 per cent adult literacy rate which is lower than Indonesia’s 92 per cent and Georgia’s 100per cent. Malaysia’s GDP per capita in 2007 was US$13,518 (RM46,495), compared to Botswana’s US$13,604 and Liechstenstein’s US$85,382. Singapore’s life expectancy was estimated at 80.2 years, its literacy rate was 94.4 per cent and GDP per capita was US$49,704. Malaysia was ranked 63rd in previous year’s index.
Why The 1Malaysia F1 Team Is Never Gonna Work..

So apparently, we are gonna have our very own F1 Team.

The prime minister recently announced that 1Malaysia F1 Team will be formed. The car will be made in Malaysia, the driver will be Malaysian, even the pitstop would be manned by Malaysians. The team would be lead by AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes. And it'll be a joint venture between the Malaysian government, Proton, AirAsia, among others.

I guess when they made the announcement, they probably expected Malaysians all over the country to react with pride - "Wow, we have our very own F1 team! Competing with the big boys like BMW, Ferrari and McLaren on the world stage! COOL!"

Unfortunately, the ugly truth is that most Malaysians do not share the same joy and enthusiasm as those involved. Even when no taxpayer's money is involved, a majority of people simply have no confidence in this project.

And I guess they have good reasons why. I mean, come on, this a Malaysian Government + Proton + AirAsia project.

Off the top of my head, here are five reasons why the 1Malaysia F1 Team is never gonna work.

#1 Every time our competitor's car crash and bang into the wall, instead of racing to the finishing line, our 1Malaysia F1 car suddenly slow down to a crawl.


Must take a closer look at the car accident mah.



#2 Halfway driving, our 1Malaysia F1 car suddenly drives to the nearest petrol station.


Government just announced, "tomorrow petrol price increase by 0.01 cent." Wah lan eh, better fill up tank first!



#3 Halfway driving, suddenly our 1Malaysia F1 car swerves left and right and bang into other people for no reason.


Our 1Malaysia F1 driver's wife just called. The idiot one hand on steering wheel, the other hand holding his handphone talking to his wife!



#4 Other F1 cars have one driver. Our 1Malaysia F1 car has THREE drivers.



Because "1Malaysia" mah. Must have one Chinese, one Malay and one Indian driving. Otherwise other people might get jealous and protest!


#5 As soon as the gun went off, all the other cars zoomed out from the starting line, but then our 1Malaysia F1 car was still stuck there.



How to make it lah like that?

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Malaysia's Broadband

Malaysia was ranked a poor 48 out of 66 countries for Internet broadband quality in a study conducted by Oxford University and sponsored by Cisco.
Horrible isnt it! We pay so much for our broadband but the reality is we get such sub standard service for it. I think that Streamyx is slacking and they are the biggest player in the market. There seems to be talk that there are big improvements in the pipeline but god knows when that will happen and how much it would cost. But does the investment guarantee better speeds? Monopolies suck and our broadband service sucks. Wonder when we the talk stops and we step up to be a true force to reckon with!

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Woman's power over man
This woman was seen standing outside her car, hitting her boyfriend in the groin repeatedly with her shoe, squeezing his balls; and he just took the hits without retaliating nor show any anger.

See! What a man! This is what we call a "Real Man with Balls".

Psychologist research study described such man as big, strong and friendly, and most of all, able to withstand punishments and are very forgiving. He still loves her, after all that.

Studies indicate men can withstand all kind of abuses from women, as long as he stills can ... (I forgot what's it ...)

BTW, that car driven by the lady is a Lexus. Is it okay to be punished by a Lexus girl? Tell me.


You can watch the video here:

Also read Angela K's piece here: Hell Hath No Fury

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Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter speaks up...

“Both my parents are Malay. My mum’s heritage includes Chinese, Thai and Arab, while my dad is Minangkabau. Due to my skin colour, I am often mistaken for a chinese.
I’m happy that I don’t have the typical Malay look but I do get annoyed when people call me Ah Moi or ask me straight up “Are you Chinese or Malay”
Like, why does it matter? Before I used to answer “Malay” but now I’m trying to consciously answer Malaysian instead.. There’s this incident from primary school that I remember till today. Someone told me that I will be called last during Judgement Day because I don’t have a Muslim name. (Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter Sharyn Lisa Shufiyan, 24 Conservationist) Of course, I was scared then but now that I’m older, I realise that a name is just a name. It doesn’t define you as a good or bad person and there is definitely no such thing as a Muslim name. You can be named Rashid or ALI and still be a Christian. I’ve heard of the 1Malaysia concept, but I think we don’t need to be told to be united. We’ve come such a long way that it should already be embedded in our hearts and minds that we are united. Unfortunately, you can still see racial discrimination and polarisation. There is still this ethno-centric view that the Malays are the dominant group and their rights must be protected, and non Malays are forever the outsiders. For the concept to succeed, I think the government should stop with the race politics. It’s tiring, really. We grew up with application forms asking us to tick our race. We should stop painting a negative image of the other races, stop thinking about ‘us’ and ‘them’ and focus on ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘Malaysians’. No one should be made uncomfortable in their own home. A dear Chinese friend of mine said to me once, “I don’t feel patriotic because I am not made to feel like Malaysia is my home, and I don’t feel an affinity to China because I have never lived there.. I know some baby Nyonya friends who can trace their lineage back hundreds of years. I’m a fourth generation Malaysian.. If I am Bumiputra, why can’t they be, too? Clearly I have issues with the term. I think the main reason why we still can’t achieve total unity is because of this ‘Malay rights’ concept. I’d rather ‘Malay rights’ be replaced by human rights. So unless we get rid of this Bumiputra status, or reform our views and policies on rights, we will never achieve unity. For my merdeka wish, I’d like for Malaysians to have more voice, to be respected and heard. I wish that the government would uphold the true essence of parliamentary democracy. I wish for the people to no longer fear and discriminate against each other, to see that we are one and the same. I wish that Malaysia would truly live up to the tourism spin of Malaysia truly Asia. Malaysians to lead – whatever their ethnic background. Only ONE NATIONALITY -MALAYSIAN. No Malays, No Chinese, No Indians – ONLY MALAYSIANS. Choose whatever religion one is comfortable with.
Hamilton wins Singapore GP...

SINGAPORE, Sept 27 — Lewis Hamilton stormed to a floodlit victory in the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday while Jenson Button fought through the field to extend his championship lead to 15 points with three races left. McLaren's world champion drove brilliantly around the 5.067km Marina Bay street circuit to lead from start to finish in the gruelling 61-lap race, finishing 9.6 seconds ahead of Toyota's Timo Glock.

Provisional result of the Singapore
Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on Sunday.

1. Lewis Hamilton (Britain) McLaren-Mercedes 1 hr 56 mins 6.337 secs
2. Timo Glock (Germany) Toyota +9.634 secs
3. Fernando Alonso (Spain) Renault 00:16.624
4. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) RedBull - Renault 00:20.261
5. Jenson Button (Britain) Brawn - Mercedes 00:30.015
6. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil) Brawn - Mercedes 00:31.858
7. Heikki Kovalainen (Finland) McLaren - Mercedes 00:36.157
8. Robert Kubica (Poland) BMW Sauber 00:55.054
9. Kazuki Nakajima (Japan) Williams - Toyota 00:56.054
10. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) Ferrari 00:58.892
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