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Well, it is confirmed that 11 websites had been blocked, including the website which monitors the movement and activities of HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force), Previously, the same blocking massacre had been carried out by Securities Commission (SC) and Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in blocking access to illegal investment scam sites, and certainly, these dudes would had blocked this PoliceWatchMalaysia site and 10 other websites as well. I’m not sure what were the 10 other websites that had been blocked but one thing for sure, we are losing our ‘freedom of speech’ in this cyberspace world! I suggested the usage of proxy to access those blocked sites, and I would suggest the same too. There are many type of proxies available on the net, one being free web-based proxy, free proxy server to be used with internet browsers, tunneling softwares such as HTTP-Tunnel and so on. Here is one of the proxy site that might be handy for you:

Just go to the above site, type in the URL of the site that you are about to access, for instance, the website and you are ready to surf the site, freely and anonymously.

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