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Spider Girls...

CONJOINED twins Ganga and Jamuna Mondal support their family with a bizarre circus act - billed as The Spider Sisters. The 39-year-old pair, who have two heads, three legs and four arms, are among the rarest types of twins in the world. And curious spectators flock to see them crawl insect-like across the stage in their native India for five hours a night - in return for just £26 in wages. The cash is enough to feed their extended family of 22 for a fortnight. Jamuna says: "People are drawn to us. They think we are strange. When the twins were born in West Bengal, two shocked midwives fainted. Doctors found the girls were joined at the pelvis, but each has a normal upper body and one functioning leg. Their other two legs are fused into a single limb with nine toes.Ganga says: "We don't go out much as we get nervous."
Another of the sisters' fears is being separated - after doctors warned it could be fatal. But US conjoined twins expert Dr James Stein said they COULD survive after testing them in TV documentary Human Spider Sisters - on Discovery at 9pm tomorrow.
Yet the sisters opted to stay together. Cuddling her sister, Ganga says: "The way God made us is the way we will live."

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