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Where are the Police..??

Attacks on churches are now extended to schools and guard posts and more states. Where are the police? No matter what IGP Musa Hassan says, it is all bullshit if his force can’t find the culprits and charge them. After telling us they are not enough to protect our safety, they are really taking their time to catch the perpetrators of this recent crimes against Malaysians, against Islam itself. The police used to boast of having one of the best special branch officers in the region, hey where are they? It seems they can’t find those religious criminals although the minutes are ticking away like crazy. How many more churches, schools must be damaged before the perpetrators are punished? Must we wait until somebody’s life is at stake before it happens? Strange that ministers can lament about this religious crisis as if they have nothing to do with it. I saw Najib Razak on TV last night already making fiery political election like speech that UMNO is the only party that can rule the country.
The Education and Tourism ministers are crying foul that crime rates and the latest incidents of church bombings will effect the numbers of foreign students and tourism. What do you expect? This is no longer Malaysia truly Asia. It’s Malaysia truly bullshit! Najib stop making political speeches and stop telling us UMNO is not involved. Politics is about perception and I am afraid the perception against UMNO now is oh…in such a sorry state. Say instead that if you ever found any UMNO member involved, he or she will be taken to task and punished appropriately. Don’t skirt around the issue and don’t dilly dally. As more churches and public places are being bomb, where are the police? Oh, I forgot, they couldn’t even figure out where Raja Petra is, and he isn’t even a terrorist. The situation is much worst now. Where are the police?!

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