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Nice Song

Hey Guys,

Since a lot of people are asking about this song that plays in my friendster.. So I decided to give you the link to download.. Cheers...

This is the link.. Ninda.
My friend is my PHYTON...

Guys, watch this video.. Really amazed..!!

Roses are sinister, at times "

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi condemned those Indians who wanted to sent roses to him. He said they are illegals and are holding a Hindraf rally. So far, we had observed, the prime minister had accepted flowers and roses from Puteri UMNO and some other women. We don't know why the prime minister had conjured the present intention of the Indians as something sinister. Is it the Indian thing? No, it's not the Indian thing. The reason is, it spoilt his mood. Inspirasi dah sampai, NST exclaims. This gathering to present the PM the red and yellow roses must have spoilt his mood and hurt his inspiration. He may never had another inspiration again, just like those emotional stress encountered by dysfunction sexual partners. Those Indians should have sent the flowers through Samy Vellu or Michelle Yeoh or Puteri UMNO. I'm sure the PM would have accepted it. But the Indians chose to sent it themselves. They even applied for a police permit to gather as a group to meet the prime minister. But the police would not grant the permit because they have sinister feelings, just like the PM's feelings. As such, the gathering becomes illegal, not because it is illegal, but because it was made illegal. Why did the PM and police thinks the flower presentation is bad? Because the PM thinks these Indians are bad for polls; that it was a mockery to the democratic process. But democratic process means the people have rights of expression and rights to assemble peacefully?
The PM don't think so. To him, democratic process means citizens must agree with whatever the government and the ruling party do and act. It include agreeing to what the PM thinks, and what he desires, which he thinks is good. For example, he thinks his MPs are clean, therefore we must accept his MPs as clean; he thinks the police and ACA are efficient and clean, we must also agree. He thinks Lingham is drunk and mad, we also will agree. He thinks there's no corruption and his children did not benefit enough as yet, we also will agree. He thinks and that's why he sleeps at meetings and conferences, and we must understand that he is not sleeping but thinking in his sleep which is still thinking, and not sleeping. So, please don't think he sleeps; he's thinking in his sleep, and that's thinking, not sleeping.
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What's happening..?

Today The Sun (12 Feb 08) reported "Jawi road signs in KL" and the reason given by the DBKL was "directions in Jawi was part of the government's effort to promote Islam Hadhari and tourism. It's also a chance for non-muslims to learn Jawi." Totally a stupid reason. At the first place, officers in DBKL it self failed to understand the meaning of Islam Hadhari and most of them are distancing their self from the concept. It's most stupid brains to think the non-muslim will learn the Jawi just by looking at the sign board. When majority of malay muslim's it self fail to learn or master the Jawi although after going through the official education for the number of the years, how do DBKL expect the nons will learn by just looking at the signage? Some of the malay muslim's policy makers believe they will be more Islamic then others by just converting the roman alphabets into jawi. They believe the outlook must be Islamic rather than inner says. These are the policy makers who make noises when they see english signage but trigger happy to convert the signage to jawi even though it was in Bahasa Malaysia. When it's come for the Mandarin and Tamil language this no-sense policy makers will talk about the "National Language Policy" but they ignore the policy when it's come for the Jawi in the name of Hadhari. The open secret of Malaysian Malays is identity crisis. They feel more secure to identify their self as muslim rather than Malay's but they fail to understand even the muslims in middle east are looking down at them because for the middle east, non middle east muslims are the second class muslim community. The originality of muslims belongs to middle east muslim and non middle east is "mualaf".
We are in Malaysia, so called multi culture, multi racial, multi religion yet the DBKL's decision doesn't represent the concept of multi malaysian's. Supposedly DBKL should used the Tamil and Mandarin signage too rather than poking their nose to unknown language for the majority of Malaysian. It's a waste of people's money too.
champions league

Hi guys, cannot wait for the champions league this year.. Hope my favorite team will lift up the trophy....
Who Will Win..??

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the dissolution of Parliament today (Feb 13th) at 12:34pm at the Prime Minister’s Department in Putrajaya. The announcement paves the way for the 12th general election.


Was hospitalised due to high fever at Assunta Hospital on the 8th Feb.. Discharged on the 11th Feb. Still on MC till 25th Nov.. It's so sick and sad to be hospitalised.. Well it's nice to talk to other patients and make friends...
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