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Fly again..??
I have decided to fly to Perth this April, since Air Asia is giving Further 20% discount to ALL destinations! But you need to book the ticket within 48 hrs.. Damn.. I need to apply for leave first.. Mr Tony Fernandez, can you do me a favour... :)
OMG, it's so cheap..

Well, check this out. A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HK..

Facebook passes 175 million users...

Its just crazy of the amount of users that Facebook has!
Dave Morin, who runs Facebook’s application platform team, tonight announced on Twitter/friendfeed that Facebook had passed 175 million users. This is definately a story of how a simple idea has turned into something soo big! Congrats to the Facebook team and i wonder if they will pass the 1billion mark! Thats as big as the largest countries around! Imagine the power it has to influence!

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A religion usually encompasses a set of stories, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural quality, that give meaning to the practitioner's experiences of life through reference to an ultimate power or reality. It may be expressed through prayer, ritual, meditation, music and art, among other things. It may focus on specific supernatural, metaphysical, and moral claims about reality (the cosmos, and human nature) which may yield a set of religious laws, ethics, and a particular lifestyle. Religion also encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and religious experience.
The term "religion" refers to both the personal practices related to communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from shared conviction. "Religion" is sometimes used interchangeably with "faith" or "belief system,"[2] but it is more socially defined than personal convictions, and it entails specific behaviors, respectively.

Christianity is a monotheistic religion centered on the life and teachings of Jesus as presented in the New Testament.

Islam religion originating with the teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, a 7th century Arab religious and political figure.

Judaism is a set of beliefs and practices originating from the saga of the ancient Israelites, as embodied and codified in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), as later further explored and explained in the Talmud and other texts.

Bahai Faith is a monotheistic religion founded by Bahá'u'lláh in nineteenth-century Persia, emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind. There are an estimated five to six million Bahá'ís around the world in more than 200 countries and territories.

Hinduism is the predominant religion of the Indian subcontinent. Hinduism is often referred to as Sanātana Dharma, a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the eternal law", by its practitioners.

Buddhism is a family of beliefs and practices considered by most to be a religion and is based on the teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as "The Buddha" (the Awakened One), who lived in the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent.

Skhism founded on the teachings of Guru Nanak and nine successive Sikh Gurus in fifteenth century Punjab, is the fifth-largest organized religion in the world.

Valentine's Day : The Ultimate Showdown

Once again, V's day is upon us. Bouquets of flowers will go on sale. Teddy bears wrapped in glittering ribbons will be on display. Heart-shaped chocolates go on sale. Hotels and restaurants will advertise their romantic candle light meals and champagne. Ahhh~~~ The sweet gimmicks of romance~~~~! I was listening to yesterday evening and the deejays were talking about why women make a fuss about V's day, and they were asking people to call and give their opinions. During that duration I was tuning in, most callers were women. And they were all making a really big deal, and felt that women SHOULD make a big deal about V's day. One caller even got very emotional, so much so I thought she was going to cry on air. She was going on about how V's day, to her, is a big deal because she expects her partner to actually put thoughts into doing something romantic, maybe surprise her, take her to dinner etc. Then she went telling the deejays that her partner is not really the romantic kind, not really into all these mushy stuff so she felt like she was missing out on something. And while she was sharing her thoughts, she sounded like she was choking. Another caller said she makes a big deal too, and went on to share that after 2 years of dating, her partner was not so into celebrating V's day so much now bla bla bla. One caller, a guy, said his wife would actually remind him that V's day is coming up, dropping hints that he should think of something to do. Come Feb 1st, the wife will gradually remind him "Valentine's day is coming... Valentine's day is coming...!"

The month of February, according to this site, has long been celebrated as a month of romance. There are a few versions of the story as to who St. Valentine really is, with no clear indication to which story is more accurate. Somehow, romance is involved, hence the celebration of February 14th.

If you ask me, V's day is not really a big deal. It's special because it's been commercialised to be a special day. And if you go to a mall on V's day, you'll see many girls carrying bouquets all over the place (look at me! I got flowers! You don't HARHAR!). Restaurants will be packed to the brim on V's day. Everyone will be out and about.

I think V's day should be celebrated everyday, not just on a certain date. We should always treasure the people we have around us everyday, right?
Japanese food anyone.??
My buddy brought me to one Japanese restaurant in Mid valley last week. Well, I have never been to any Japanese restaurant before. This is the first time. Anyway, after tasting the food, I kinda like it.. When we can go again mate...??

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire, a “feel good” movie that won four awards at the Golden Globe has raised eyebrows amongst the world. I managed to catch the movie and personally i felt it was a good movie, not the best i have seen compared too the Transformers or a Dark Knight. It has yet to hit our shores or this region but after its Golden Globe exploits i sure hope it makes it here. I liked the main role played by Dev Patel’s performance, It was fresh and natural and im sure he has a bright future ahead of him as far as his acting career is concerned. Will you watch it at the theaters if it makes it too our shores?
Lion Dance
We had lion dance performance on CNY 1st day in my working place. It's great to see the performance. Anyway. do you know the meaning of lion dance..??

The lion dance originated in China. The lion is traditionally regarded as a guardian creature. It is featured in Buddhist lore, being the mount of Manjusri. There are different variations of the lion dance in other Asian cultures including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sydney, and Singapore, with each region possessing their own styles. Chinese lion dances can be broadly categorised into two styles, Northern (北獅) and Southern (南獅). Northern dance was used as entertainment for the imperial court. The northern lion is usually red, orange, and yellow (sometimes with green fur for the female lion), shaggy in appearance, with a golden head. The northern dance is acrobatic and is mainly performed as entertainment. Sometimes, they perform dangerous stunts. Southern dance is more symbolic. It is usually performed as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. The southern lion exhibits a wide variety of colour and has a distinctive head with large eyes, a mirror on the forehead, and a single horn at center of the head. The Lion dance is often confused with the Chinese Dragon Dance, which features a team of around ten or more dancers. The Lion Dance usually consists of two people.

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