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Funny Euro's Fan
Swiss Fan..

Dutch Fan

Dutch Fan

German Fan

German Fan

Italian Fan..?? :)
Fruits Flavoured Condom..

OMG, What kind of flavours....!!

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What goes up and never comes down?

Why is everyone jumping and doing a summersault over the hike in oil prices? Didn’t we all expect it? Wasn’t it the reason why there was a Tsunami during the 12 General Elections on March 8. Why did people only vote BN and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi out in 6 states? Why hadn’t it been the whole country? Would the Pakatan Rakyat government do any better if they came into power, with the Federal Government in tow? We wouldn’t know, would we? Unless, we have a snap elections now, and let them win.
Fuel Price Hike

This is the biggest increase in the history of the country and is a shame because Malaysia is a net exporter of petroleum.

Petrol price up by 78 sen, which is about 40%. That’s a very hefty hike indeed! And it wasn’t surprise to see so many drivers rushing into petrol stations to refuel their tanks. Since Abdullah Badawi became Prime Minister in 2004, petrol has gone up by 97.1%, while diesel increased by a whopping 231%.
Bhangra Michael Jackson - Britains Got Talent / Semi Final
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