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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope you have a good one and if your off for any Halloween parties, don’t be too naughty...
Razak Freed..!!

SHAH ALAM, Oct 31 —Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda was today acquitted by the High Court here of abetting in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 32, and Corporal Sirul Azha Umar, 37, who are members of the police Special Action Force (UTK), were, however, ordered to enter their defence to the charge of murder. Altantuya was allegedly shot before her body was blown up with explosives two years ago. Razak, 47, was charged with abetting them. He is a close associate of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and was known to have worked on government weapons procurement projects while Najib was Defence Minister.
Roysmith - In the vocabulary of Putrajaya, anyone and everyone who has any connections with the people who walk in the coridoors of the said place, are absolved from any form of punishment in human form. But please remember and that too speaking in a matter-of-fact manner, in the eyes of God, there is no escape!!! Mongolians are no Monkeys! So to those who are “knee deeply involved in the murder!” Beware of the consequences!
Tesco - Price Launch

Well, as you know the world is facing a bad economy and it have left us in a very bad dream. We are not sure what will happend tommorrow. Some countries have already in the recession. Prices are really high and we as consumer need to think and buy what we need only. Well today, the leading UK hypermarket in Malaysia, Tesco Stores have launched the price cut in some of the most important goods. This is really a good move and hope other hypermarkets will do the same too..
Just Recovered..
Just recovered from viral fever that lasted almost 3 days.. It was terrible.. Fever comes and goes, goes and comes.. You feel energetic for awhile and then ure half-dead.. urgh.. hate the feeling... But thank God i'm alright.. Thanks to all who have been praying for me.. Thank God for His protection, doesn't stop the mozzies from biting though...
Lost for words
Don't leave me in all this pain
Don't leave me out in the rain
Come back and bring back my smile
Come and take these tears away
What a shot..

Got a chance to snap this yesterday. This is really cool..
Beautiful Means..??
What does it mean to be beautiful? A textbook definition of beauty reads; “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.).” Do you wake up in the morning everyday and ask yourself, “What makes me beautiful, or do I look beautiful today?” Every body wants to be beautiful to have beautiful impression on other people. Whole world's cosmetics are just working on to make women beautiful, but its true that you can buy things with money but can't buy real beauty. You just can buy things with money to make it true. But the Creator doesn't want any kind of change in his creation. It is true that you look like nice if you have white skin, but just having white skin is not everything. It doesn't have to do everything with your personality. And instead of that the person whose skin color is okay (neither white neither black) can have better personality than the person having white skin color. Everything that shines doesn't mean its gold. If people are successful, its not because they are physically beautiful, Its just of their intelligence, the way they understand, their own understandings, their knowledge and their positive attitudes. Well, I always admire this lady. Is she beautiful.??
Happy Diwali..

Sincerity , comes from my Heart.
Wishes, my hands take the Part.
Phrases, my fingers dictate.
Words to register, my Minds generate.
To You My Special Deepavali Greetings !!!

MAY GOD BLESS YOU n the family with Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Joy, Laughter n Good Fortune!
"Did I Ever Mention That I Love Autumn?”

Did I ever mention that I love autumn? I don’t know for sure the reason why I like autumn so much but I can tell you this; I feel at ease looking at those pictures. It gave me that mellow feeling, sometimes can be a sad one and sometimes it can be a joyful one. Happy is in a way that autumn sort of reminds me of how happy it is to hear those cracking sounds you made when you step on the leaves.
That's Nice

Click photo for larger view..

Roysmith - When I think of all the things you do, the ways in which you care, I'm filled with a sense of gratitude and pride that is always there.
I seldom take the time to tell you that I'm happy you're my mom and dad; so I'll tell you now what's in my heart, "You're the best that I could have!"
Let's Bowl

I was at my friend's bowling shop yesterday. It's been a long time I did not visited him. Spend few hours at his shop chatting our old stories. While chatting, a customer bought a new bowling ball. Do you know how the holes drilled on the ball.??

It's always needs an expert to do this..!! I wished to be a great bowler one day..!!
My New Apartment

This is my new apartment.. Most probably will be moving there next year. But before moving, I will make sure my house is in a good interior design. I always dream how my living room, kitchen, room and bathroom should look like..

Living Room

My Room



Well, I can show lots of pictures but it all takes $$$ to have that perfect interior. So I need to save some money to make my dream fulfill..!!
Play a game..

Was walking around at my place and I found this. Well, I still remember this game that I usually play when I was small. It's was so fun playing this with neighbours in the evening. Time pass so quickly.
St. Anne’s feast - St. Anne church Bukit Mertajam

Roysmith - As you know we have 15 stations of the cross. And this is the 15 station at St Anne Church. This is one of the great station for christians. Alleluia! How beautiful is the sound of this word at this spot! Alleluia, Christ is Risen! And my heart, dear Jesus, leaps with Joy. I can feel again your power and glory. "Where is death your power?" Yes, Lord Jesus, at this site you overcame the most dreadful enemy of life, the most brutal of moments and transformed it into a glorious event.
My Nephew

My Nephew, Matthew always looks at me while I use my laptop. Maybe he was wondering what am I doing.? I hope the coming generations will be a good high tech bloggers in the future.
Another research..!!

Roysmith - As I was reading the world news today, I came across this great research by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre at Harvard University, Massachusetts. This is a new sickness caused by nicotine. As we know cigarettes can cause 1000 sickness but yet we as human do not bother of it until we fell sick and yet why the world govt are not stoping the companies from making cigarettes. Is this because the govt have the good tax from the tobacco companies.? Well, I used to be a smoker as well, but I decided to quit long time ago as this does not benefit me at all. Staying smoke free will give me a whole lot more of everything — more energy, better performance, better looks, more money in my pocket, and, in the long run, more life to live!
Which one to buy soon.??

Roysmith - I always wanted to have puppies at home.. But sad I can't have one at my apartment here because we are surrounded with malay neighbours.. But I wished when I move to my new apartment, I will get one of these puppies. They're so cute..adorable..awesome..!

But what gonna happen if you have this..??

Jalan apa tu.?

Roysmith - How are you going to tell the taxi driver if.
Driver:Nak ke mana cik?
Penumpang:Saya nak ke Bandar Sunway. Dekat jer, rumah saya kat Jalan Puki Mak U Lah...
Driver:Cik, kita ni orang Melayu. Tak boleh ke gunakan bahasa yang lebih sopan?
Penumpang:Nak sopan macam mana lagi bang. Dah memang itu nama jalannya.
Encoding a Barcode
I never knew how on earth you read a barcode and since there has been so much drama bout stuff that are made in China being dangerous. This is a useful tip to know where a product is made by simply checking out the first 3 digits of a barcode.

Since piracy is a very prevalent problem here and i was wondering how difficult would it be to change from made in China to made in Italy for instance?? Bar codes may be the next level of our checking process. Look out for the first 3 digits and if they are of a certain number, they are from a certain country :

Malaysia - 955

China - 690 - 695

Singapore - 888

Mongolia - 865

And the full list is HERE

So the next time you have got to buy some food stuff and want to be very sure of its country of origin, print the list and take it along!! Can never be too sure..
Link -

The world faces on of the worst financial crisis its ever seened. Super powers of the world have rung the alarm bells to take precautions in anticipation of a crisis that could have a huge impact on the worlds economy and its ocupants. Singapore has declared recession but the government of Malaysia seems oblivious to this ugly wave that is hitting the world. In a strage scenario, after a month and a half break at the parliament the law makers made their way back to the parliament to get straight into business. The weird thing was none of the ministers, deputy ministers were there! The opposition were calling for a review of the budget which was tabled before the Ramadhan break to be reviewed as it became obsolete since the current world economic situation. In all honesty we definitely need a new or improved budget to ensure we are not hit that hard by this crisis. The pakatan MP’s were basically having a concersation between themselves and the speaker while the backbenchers club were mere spectators. Im shocked at this news!! Seriously, are the government serious about the rakyat or are they just too confident of their abilities?? The Pakatan law makers were not interested in politickling but to join forces with the government to come up with the best ossible solution in handling this crisis which the world is facing??
Link -
The Malaysian economy slips into recession..!!

Roysmith - The Malaysian economy slips into recession this weekend as global financial & commodity markets collapsed like a stack of cards. Insolvencies & bankruptcies in Malaysia are expected to hit record high in the carnage. Question: What is the leadership of this country doing about it? PM Badawi, the most useless & most incompetent prime minister in modern Malaysian history will continue to sleep on the job. In fact, he is pushing biotechnology as the silver bullet to save the country
from financial oblivion. DPM Najib is too busy massaging his ego, now that he's tipped to be the next prime minister. Known to be ruthless like his previous boss,
Dr. M, Najib continues to live in denial - that the economy of the country is still growing. The rest of the sheep, from Gerakan to MCA to MIC, has not got a clue
on how to save this country from sinking. To date, none of them has drawn up a national economy rescue plan. It's business as usual with these clowns.
Prepare to lose jobs in S'pore

Roysmith - While reading today's newspaper, I came across this. Well, I have heard about this news at the island but I never know it will effect the Malaysian. The news says the 300,000 Malaysians employed in the island will be advised to gear up for retrenchment if the country continues to slide into recession. I decided to check the online Singapore's straits times if there any news. Oh god, Singapore paper reported the same too. Check hereStraits Times. If we just look at the surface, it is like saying our country is doing so well, we will not suffer any economic downturn.?? Yeah right..!! I do not know about others but I think we are seriously fooled into thinking we are living in good times. There is no sign or indication of any looming recession where Malaysia is concerned. Our Finance Minister keeps telling us we are doing well. When we live in this bubble, it will burst and shit will hit the fans. So, yeah, Malaysia, stopped fooling us we are sheltered and protected from the recession. I pray all the 300,000 workers will be safe. No recession..!!

This was my first time travelling with Jetstar to Singapore. Some say that budget carriers have uncomfortable seats while others claim these airlines are never on time. Yes I do agreed on that, never on time..! The plane frm KLIA was smooth and on time but when leaving Singapore, it takes one hour delay to depart from Changi Airport. As I was looking outside the window I could see planes are queeuing up to depart. It's like a massive plane jam..! I never experience this in other airports and yet they called you the BEST AIRPORT..!
I put nights in Penta hotel somewhere at Little India. The place was so busy. It's like you are in Mumbai..!

10 minutes walk from the hotel, you can see the biggest Mustafa Mart. Mustafa is the best shopping mart in Singapore. The shopping complex open 24 hours. Mustafa offers many services Foreign Exchange, VISA Processing, Travels Booking, Gold Mart and all kinds of shopping item available under one roof. I went inside the mart, and again it's like in Mumbai..!

As I walking the street, I bumped to this. Fresh coconuts are being sell like hot cakes..! I see people just pushing around to get coconuts..!

Deepavali fever is on at Little India. This is how it looks at nights..!

This is the best called restaurant in the street. As mentioned by someone. But it's become our dating point. Spending a minute with you it's like spending 2000 years..! Thanks for the days..!!

And this is logo of Singapore..!! Even days were bored there but am happy to see someone special there..!!
Datuk Shah Rukh Khan.??

Bollywood idol Shah Rukh Khan is a Datuk. The heartthrob will be receiving his Datukship from the Malacca Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob in conjunction with his birthday tomorrow. Listed as an artiste from Dreamz Unlimited in the list of recipients, Shah Rukh will be receiving the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka(DMSM). He is among 77 recipients of the title. Shah Rukh, 43, is a highly acclaimed Indian actor who works in Bollywood films, as well as film producer and television host. He has starred in several box-office movies and won awards throughout his career. Source: NST Online
Roysmith - Why in the hell that we need to give me a datukship.? What have he done for our country.? Come govt, we have so many people that deserve to get this. Does he know what is datuk title for.? Will this title can be used in Mumbai.?
Malaysia PM to step down

Malaysia's prime minister has announced that he will step down in March next year.
Roysmith - Thank you Pak Lah, for stepping down.. Did u stepped down or you are forced to..!! The man who destroyed the party for his own interest.
J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Roysmith - Do you love donuts, then you should hop in to J.CO Donuts & Coffee.. I was there with working mates for a coffee and decided to have donuts too. Its awesome.. Just love it..The company is from Indonesia and they have branches in Malaysia & Singapore
You decide baby boy or girl..!

Roysmith - While reading today's newpaper, I came across this. As far I know a gender of a baby is decided by god. But with the technology now, a parents can decide what baby they want. Is the technology against god or we human against god.? A baby is a gift of god. Be happy is boy or girl. Just thankful to god, it's a healthy baby..!!
The Homepage
Breaking News - Volcano

North Sulawesi, 7 October 2008 : Smoke rises from Mount Soputan on the outskirts of Manado of Indonesia's North Sulawesi province early October 7, 2008. Indonesia has raised the alert level for the volcano after it began spewing hot clouds and lava, a vulcanology official said on Tuesday. REUTERS
Halle Berry is sexiest woman

LOS ANGELES - HALLE Berry may be a mommy of a certain age, but the men's magazine Esquire says the Oscar-winning actress is still the Sexiest Woman Alive. 'Well, I don't know exactly what it means but being 42 and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it,' Berry wrote.
Roysmith - Sexy is not about wearing sexy clothes or shaking your booty until you damn near get hip dysplasia, it's about knowing that sexiness is a state of mind - a comfortable state of being.

Contestants in the 2008 Amazing Beauties Philippines, a beauty pageant for transsexuals and cross-dressers, wait backstage in Manila.
Roysmith - Wow, the transsexuals are damn beautiful and gorgeous.. I wished they're born as woman...!!
Our Dumb a$$ PM

Roysmith - I say, this has to be THE best subtitles i have ever read... bro, thumbs up, and hats off for you.. down right creative...We malaysians are ONE! BN really should just hand the key to PKR!
Perak may 'seize' ISA detention camp site

If it succeeds, the proposal could force the federal government to relocate the dreaded detention camp to an area under BN control.

Perak has legal right to reacquire site
Leave Pakatan out of ISA enforcement

Roysmith - Yes, this is a good idea.. Let's put the ISA camp in Putrayajaya or beside the Parliment.. Or maybe beside the home minister house.. Damn you..!!
Miss Malaysia Indian Global 2008

Fiona Zuzartee crowned as the Miss Malaysia Indian global beating 16 other contestants. Some 800 people attended the night of glam and glitz.
Roysmith - Congratulations to Miss Fiona, the winner, runner up; Miss Sowmya Krishnan and Miss Gaayathri.
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