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Swine Flu: The need of Surgical Masks
United connect with Airtel

Remember the story about AirAsia considering to be the new Manchester United sponsor? Well, its not happening because Man U have announced that they have agreed a 5 year deal with Airtel, a Indian mobile phone company to be the shirt sponsor for Manchester United. Its a smart partnership for the Indian telco giants which should give them huge global presence and opportunities for Indians to watch games,train and rub shoulders with the stars.

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Mat Selamat : We Got Him!

The “terorist” that escaped from a high security detention center with a limp in his leg has been caught!! Thirteen months ago, Mas Selamat Kastari managed to escape from Singapore which put the island nation on high alert has been busted at Johor. It is believed that he was nabbed on the outskirts of Johor Baru and is now being held by the Malaysian authorities for interrogation. This dude must have some kind of super powers to flee the “high security” detention center at Singapore! I always thought that Singapore would be a few notches up from the countries in this region but he managed to do it never the less. Well my Singaporean brother’s and sister’s don’t worry! We got him for you and you can now chiilllll…

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Penguin Pillai

The following picture seems to be making its round in some of the local forums as it is quite funny to see the little girl resembling a ‘penguin’. I have no idea where this picture was taken, who took it as well as when it was taken but rest assured that the guy and the little girl are Indians of-course and thus, I thought of sharing it with you all.
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