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Victims of drug conspiracy Theory
Another Malaysian woman claimed she is also a victim of an international drug syndicate when she was held at the Soto Del Real prison in Madrid, Spain. Berita Harian reported that the woman had been held since March 20 for suspicion of trying to smuggle cocaine into Spain from Brazil. The 24-year-old who works as a clerk in a company in Klang, Selangor, was detained at the Malaga airport in Madrid after authorities found more than a kilogram of the substance hidden at the bottom of a bag she brought from Brazil which she claimed she did not have any knowledge of the hidden bag of drugs. The woman is believed to be "a victim" of the same syndicate, which entrapped Dayang Sakienah Mat Lazim, 20, and Norfaizura Azura Md Lias, 28, who are being detained in Malta for similar offences. Was there a conspiracy to involve these women or was it wealth inspiration?
Tun Dr.Mahathir in BBC’s Hardtalk
I’m not sure how many of you would have watched this BBC’s interview with Tun Dr.M which was aired recently but for those who missed it, well, it is a waste! At one point, Stephen Sackur mentioned about the November 25th HINDRAF rally and Dr.M said “Why now, why not at my time?“. Stephen Sackur bravely replied “If people disagree with you, I’m afraid they would end up in jail“. Further questions asked by Stephen Sackur was about the Anwar issue, the critics issue, the western issue, the NEP issue and so forth! So, to all of you out there, please take your precious time to check out the first part of the interview below!


You're Way Too Beaoooouuuuuutiful Girl, That's Why It'll Never Work

Makkal Osai Banned

Makkal Osai banned
Apr 16, 08 4:58pm
The Home Ministry today rejected the renewal of Tamil daily Makkal Osai's publication permit, a move believed to be related to the widespread coverage given to the opposition. When contacted, Makkal Osai general manager SM Periasamy confirmed that the ministry issued the letter which stated that the daily's application 'will not be considered'. The letter did not state any reasons for the rejection. According to Periasamy, the daily - which is closely linked to former MIC deputy president S Subramaniam - had submitted an application for renewal in July, three months ahead of its permit's expiry. Since Oct 15 - the day its permit expired - the daily has continued publication with the understanding that the government was in the process of considering its application for renewal. It finally received the answer from the ministry today. It is noted for the extensive coverage given to the opposition often featuring lengthy articles on their leaders such as PKR's Anwar Ibrahim. The daily, launched in 2005, has also given prominence to the Makkal Sakthi (people's power) movement which sprang to life following the Nov 25 mammoth rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).
However, the daily saw a decline in its circulation after Subramaniam buried the hatchet with his former nemesis MIC president S Samy Vellu who owns the rival Tamil Nesan daily. Apart from the two dailies, the other Tamil newspaper in the market is Malaysia Nanban. "We will file an appeal against this decision tomorrow," said Periasamy. Makkal Osai, whose office is located in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, has some 100 staff. Their fate remains unknown. This is not the first time that the newspaper ran into trouble. On Aug 24 last year, the government lapped a one-month suspension after the Tamil daily published an image of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette and a beer can four days ago.

The Tamil newspaper gets banned because:
1. "Extensive" coverage on Anwar, opposition leader
2. Coverage on MAKKAL SAKTHI - People Power
3. Coverage on November 25 2007 Hindraf Rally

They are a NEWSPAPER. They provide NEWS. All three above are NEWS. If they are not supposed to give coverage to NEWS, then don't call them NEWSPAPERS. If they are supposed to cover only BN stories, they should be called NEWSLETTERS! Then they do not need to apply for any permit! BODOH-NYAH Home Ministry. At least Makkal Osai had the backbone to write NEWS. Unlike the rest of the mainstream BN "NEWSLETTERS".
So who is going to give 100 people jobs, and feed their family? HINDRAF just received 100 x 4 x 3 supporters. 100 staff along with an average of 4 family members for each staff, and an average of 3 relation families. If they were not supporters already. The gomen is digging its own grave deeper and deeper. BTW, check out the EFFICIENCY of our Home Ministry...permit expired on OCT 15. And the response for renewal comes 6 MONTHS later!!

p/s: Maybe they banned it because of the word "MAKKAL" in the name? Sounds too close to "Makkal Sakthi" maybe? Sent shivers along their spineless back did it?
Story of modern day bonded slavery
Beijing 2008

When Dr. Mahathir was Prime Minister of Malaysia
One lousy day in the middle of the economic crisis, PM Mahathir was feeling extremely frustrated and wondering how a neighboring country can be doing better than Malaysia. One of his aides said, I heard that the leaders consult Feng Shui masters to ensure prosperity for the country. Dr Mahathir thought if that was the case, Malaysia Bomoh also can, and went to seek the top bomoh's advice in the country. After reviewing the case, the bomoh told Dr M that there were 2 things that he must do :

Bomoh : Step 1. You must blame the crisis on SOROS for everything.
Dr M : But Why ?

Bomoh: Because SOROS stands for 'Speculate On Ringgit Or Stocks'. You must blame him, and look at ways to control the ringgit and stock market.

Bomoh : Step 2 - You must get rid of ANWAR.
Dr M: What! why him ?

Bomoh: Because ANWAR stands for 'A Nation Without Any Ringgit'.
Dr M: But how ? This is most difficult to do, he is popular with the people.

Bomoh : Aiyoh, you bodoh lah! Look at your name, MAHATHIR.
Make Anwar Homosexual And Then Highlight It Repeatedly.
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