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Oldest conjoined twins..

DAYTON (Ohio) - TWO US men who've been certified as the world's oldest living male conjoined twins are moving in with their little brother. A charity in Machias, New York, called the Christian Youth Corps Inc says it's helping 58-year-old Donnie and Ronnie Galyon by modifying the home of their brother, Jim Galyon, in the spring. The twins live in a tiny home in Dayton, Ohio. Their brother lives in nearby Beavercreek.
Donnie and Ronnie are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. They're joined at the torso. They have four arms and four legs and separate hearts and stomachs. They share a lower intestine. The twins retired from a touring carnival. They are in declining health and could face going into an institution. But their brother says he wants to keep them at home so they're free and independent.
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Actually, she’s just one of the models at a fashion show over here.

But this one cheat one. I check already.

Her hair don’t have the USB port thing one..

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THIS bloke won't lose his glasses again - they're TATTOOED on

The man, known only as Matthew, has become an internet sensation after the tattooing process was posted on YouTube. Nearly 500,000 people have watched it in a week. After the tattooist finishes Matthew, from California, US, says: "Awesome!" Sunglass maker Ray-Ban denied it was an advertising stunt for them.
Where are the Police..??

Attacks on churches are now extended to schools and guard posts and more states. Where are the police? No matter what IGP Musa Hassan says, it is all bullshit if his force can’t find the culprits and charge them. After telling us they are not enough to protect our safety, they are really taking their time to catch the perpetrators of this recent crimes against Malaysians, against Islam itself. The police used to boast of having one of the best special branch officers in the region, hey where are they? It seems they can’t find those religious criminals although the minutes are ticking away like crazy. How many more churches, schools must be damaged before the perpetrators are punished? Must we wait until somebody’s life is at stake before it happens? Strange that ministers can lament about this religious crisis as if they have nothing to do with it. I saw Najib Razak on TV last night already making fiery political election like speech that UMNO is the only party that can rule the country.
The Education and Tourism ministers are crying foul that crime rates and the latest incidents of church bombings will effect the numbers of foreign students and tourism. What do you expect? This is no longer Malaysia truly Asia. It’s Malaysia truly bullshit! Najib stop making political speeches and stop telling us UMNO is not involved. Politics is about perception and I am afraid the perception against UMNO now is oh…in such a sorry state. Say instead that if you ever found any UMNO member involved, he or she will be taken to task and punished appropriately. Don’t skirt around the issue and don’t dilly dally. As more churches and public places are being bomb, where are the police? Oh, I forgot, they couldn’t even figure out where Raja Petra is, and he isn’t even a terrorist. The situation is much worst now. Where are the police?!

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Bigotry in the name of Allah..

The Allah issue has now literally become a burning issue. We are appalled that extreme elements have resorted to fire bombs to target three churches in the Klang Valley. These are reprehensible and cowardly acts that deserve to be roundly condemned. Malaysians are disturbed and disillusioned by the lack of a firm stand by the national leadership in putting a stop to the heat and tension that is being deliberately generated by the bigots and zealots in our midst. Both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister had reportedly ''backed the right to protest within mosque grounds”(Malaysian Insider). The PM was quoted in the NST as saying, “As far as possible, we do not want people to protest, but we cannot stop them from doing so if they gather at mosques and if confined to a certain area.” This may have been taken by some as a tacit go-ahead signal. Knowing how volatile the Allah issue had become, it was the height of irresponsibility to take such a stand. This stand did not pay any attention to national security, our peace and harmony – favourite catch phrases - which are commonly used to justify detentions of those demonstrating against the government or their policies. In the name of national security, our peace and harmony, water cannons had been used in the past to disperse crowds, make arrests and brutally beat up demonstrating Malaysians gathered in or near mosques and temples. But in this instance, no harsh instructions or stern warnings were given to discourage certain people from turning this political issue into an explosive one.
The talk around town suggests that certain quarters were desperate to win back lost Malay support and were therefore fanning this issue for selfish reasons. We call upon the PM and the Home Minister to take a public stand and condemn acts and deeds that are not in keeping with the principles of Rukun Negara. In this most volatile period, it must be the national interest that should be paramount and must prevail. Malaysians too must stand up for tolerance and respect for our differences as well as for the rule of law. We must isolate these un-Malaysian bigots, who are a small minority.
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