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Where In The World Is Mat Selamat??!!!

Before the story begins ... it's very important that you get this part before you read the rest of the story ... if not later you won't understand the joke ! In our beautiful country we got many races living under one roof .... we got malays, indians and chinese! .... Let me tell you how we call our malay comrades. If his name is Mat Shah then we will call him Shah or if his name is Abdul Rahim then we will call him Rahim .... got it?

One day (right after the Mat Selamat escape from Singapore jail incident) 3 Ahbengs (Linpeh, Cocka and Ahdale) were having drinks session at their favourite joint ... The "SETARBAK KOPI"!!! they are talking about Mat Selamat case.... the conversation goes :-

Ahdale: Eh .. u got heard about Mat Selamat run away from jail in Singapore ready?
Cocka: I got! I got! I stayed at johor and of cause i know! I got read in the internet also.. that fellow run to batam indonesia ready! I think they cannot catch him la! They put his pictures everywhere.... like that also he can run... smart that Mat Selamat!
Linpah: Not only that! they make mugshots of his pictures and they included all his possible disguise also.... I show you picture and you see for yourself!

Cocka: Wuahhh ... got one disguise look like Phuah chu kang wan leh!
Ahdale: I think he is more Phuah Chu Kang than Phuah Chu Kang himself leh!
Cocka: Eh ... u think this fellew already arrived at Indonesia already by now?
Linpeh: Go Jakarta for what la??!!!
Cocka: If not Jakarta then go where?
Linpeh: Go Malaysia la!
Ahdale: Go Malaysia for what?
Linpeh: Because we invite him to come!!!
Ahdale: Where got invite him to come?! who invite him to come??!
Linpeh: I dunno who la ... but there is a big big sign board at the Johor immigration department there invite him to come to Malaysia !
Cocka: dun lie la! The sign board say what?!!
Linpeh: They signboard says... "SELAMAT, DATANG KE MALAYSIA"
Funny Sign In China

Play PAC ‘MAT – and Virtually Recapture Terrorists!

Come let's play the game... Game.
This is what we call 'Democracy'
Live Interview Anwar & Kit Siang From US
Guys, Watch this video....

S. Saravanan, “You have made us Proud”

Abandoned as a child, 21-year-old S. Saravanan, who also suffers from cerebral palsy, had defied the odds to emerge as one of three physically-challenged students to be commended by the Malaysian Examinations Council for his Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia examination results. Saravanan, a science student, scored two As and three B plus to the joy of his caretakers at Kamakshi Child Home and his teachers and friends at SMJK Chio Min in Kulim. A restaurant owner took in Saravanan, who was abandoned, and raised him until he was 17 years old. Saravanan now wants to pursue his ambition of becoming a software engineer. Dr P. kunaletchumy, a director at the Kamakshi Child Home, is hoping to find a sponsor to finance Saravanan’s education. Congrats Saravanan, you have made us proud!

Singapore Voted Cleanest Asian Economy
Singapore has received the thumbs-up from expatriate businessmen in the region as the cleanest Asian economy, says Channel Newsasia. In a latest survey by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), both Singapore and Hong Kong retained their top spots of first and second, respectively. Over 1,400 expatriates were asked to rank 13 Asian economies between January and February this year.
The 13 economies were China, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. The survey had excluded countries notorious for corruption, such as Myanmar and Bangladesh. Poll results showed that Philippines had the worst score out of the 13 economies. It was cited as an example where its government lacked the political will to tackle the problem, despite huge economic progress. Thailand was ranked 12th after Indonesia, which had made improvements under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. But the report said the perception of a corrupt bureaucracy remained strong among businessmen. Malaysia retained its sixth ranking, but achieved a worse score compared to last year's survey. Scoring System
- On a scale of zero to ten, zero being the best possible score.
- Last year's scores are in brackets.

1. Singapore 1.13 (1.20)
2. Hong Kong 1.80 (1.87)
3. Japan 2.25 (2.10)
4. Macau 3.30 (5.18)
5. South Korea 5.65 (6.30)
6. Malaysia 6.37 (6.25)
7. Taiwan 6.55 (6.23)
8. India 7.25 (6.67)
9. Vietnam 7.75 (7.54)
10. China 7.98 (6.29)
11. Indonesia 7.98 (8.03)
12. Thailand 8.00 (8.03)
13. Philippines 9.00 (9.40)
Sg's Today newspaper on the 2008 Gen. Election
The following frontpage and articles are from Singapore's free Today newspaper. They carry more bite and less BN-positive spin doctoring compared to the sore-loser drivel from our local papers.

Param's Video
Al Jazeera
Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi appears to have been returned to power in general elections, but there have been major swings against his ruling coalition.


"Congratulations and Thank you for your support, the people's voice will reign and echo in Parliament!"
Live On CNN (Election)
Election setback for Malaysia PM
Saturday, 8 March 2008 BBC
The ruling coalition in Malaysia has suffered its worst election result in decades by winning only a simple majority, say election officials.
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's National Front coalition lost its two thirds parliamentary majority and control of five state assemblies. Analysts blame ethnic tensions, crime, and inflation for a drop in popularity. Opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim hailed the result as a message that it was time for change in Malaysia. The ruling coalition won 137 out of 219 seats, with three results still to come in, the Election Commission said. Mr Ibrahim's Justice Party has 31 seats out of the opposition's 82 so far, according to the commission's website. Mr Badawi, in office since 2003, said he would meet the constitutional monarch on Monday and ask to form a new government. He dismissed suggestions that he would now face pressure from party members to step down. His son-in law, Khairy Jamaluddin, told reporters: "We suffered a lot of losses tonight. But we are going to fight on. We are not going to quit. It is not the end of the world and we are going to get through this."

'Time for change'

The BBC's Robin Brant says no one expected the opposition to do so well across the board. This is a defining moment, unprecedented in our nation's history

Anwar Ibrahim

It is clear, he adds, that people wanted change and Chinese and Indian ethnic minority voters deserted the National Front, in power for 50 years. Before the elections only one state was under opposition control, Kelantan. The Election Commission confirmed opposition wins in Kelantan as well as Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang. Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who leads the opposition Justice Party, said the people of Malaysia had spoken. "Today at the ballot box, you listened to your heart with a lot of conviction that the time for change has arrived..." he said. "This is a defining moment, unprecedented in our nation's history. Today a new chapter has opened."

Ethnic minorities

Anwar Ibrahim has accused the government of widespread vote-rigging. Voters are concerned about price rises and ethnic tensions. Our correspondent says there are many people who have as many suspicions about Mr Ibrahim as about the National Front's leaders. But, he adds, the claim that Malaysia has free and fair elections is not a just one. Ethnic minorities make up more than a third of the population. Many complain that government policy has denied them fair access to jobs, education, and housing. Growing tensions between minority communities and the Malay majority have dominated the election campaign and the government has appealed for calm.
The last time the National Front suffered a big setback, in 1969, it resulted in race riots, dozens of deaths and a state of emergency. Our correspondent says there is not any sign of that sort of violence being repeated, but there is a fear of tension and anger and the next couple of days could be crucial.


Some violence linked to the election was reported in the east of the country on Saturday. Police in Terennganu State said they had fired tear gas to disperse a crowd of several hundred people protesting at what they saw as vote-rigging.
Supporters of the opposition PAS stopped buses they suspected of carrying National Front coalition supporters pretending to be voters from the district, said local police chief Ayob Yaacob. He said that 22 people had been arrested and the rest of the crowd ran away.
Singapore gov't butt of jokes after prison escape

SINGAPORE (AFP) — Terrorism is usually no laughing matter, especially not in security-conscious Singapore, but the escape from custody of a limping Islamist extremist suspect has led to scorn on the Internet. Barbed jokes and irreverent spoofs have sprouted up on websites five days after Mas Selamat bin Kastari, the alleged Singapore chief of regional terror group Jemaah Islamiyah, escaped with apparent ease from a detention centre. "Toilet Break, based on a true story starring Mas Selamat Kastari," read a mock post on one wesbite by a blogger inspired by the hit US television drama "Prison Break". Blogger Philip Chua wrote: "Singapore has now dropped the ball big time and really is an international laughing stock."
"You don't see prisoners escaping from terrorist detention centres in the West or Guantanamo. More so a leader of the terrorist network in the country next to you!"
Kastari, who was arrested in neighbouring Indonesia in 2006 and turned over to Singapore, remained at large Monday and officials said he was likely to be still hiding in this multiracial island republic of 4.7 million people. Accused of plotting to hijack a plane in order to crash it into Singapore's Changi airport in 2001, Kastari managed to escape after asking to go to the toilet during a family visit, security officials said. Direct criticism of the government is rare in the mainstream media, forcing dissatisfied Singaporeans to resort to the Internet to express their views. Teoh Khengze, a Singapore-based author and journalist, wrote on his blog that the circumstances of what he called "The Great Singapore Escape" were "as incredulous as the escape is audacious.", a popular satirical site, said Kastari's escape underlined the need to give cabinet ministers another salary hike even though they were already among the highest-paid in the world. "We need to equip our Mini-stars with everything they can to deal with this crisis... and as we know in Singapore, public service and legislative influence are all not sufficient incentives," it said. "Only the highest salaries in the world will do," the humour site said. It showed 13 doctored photographs of Kastari in various possible disguises -- in a blonde woman's wig, a 1960s-style Afro hairdo and aviator sunglasses, a handlebar moustache and a beard and turban in Osama bin Laden style. A popular Singaporean blogger who has previously irked the government with attacks on high living costs said the city-state need not worry about losing cabinet ministers. "They won't be asked to resign or even take a pay cut," wrote the blogger known as Mr. Brown. "We are not like those free-wheeling and chaotic governments from Western democracies that make their leaders accountable for every little thing."
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